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Zebra Calcite

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A recent discovery mined in Mexico. Unveil the exceptional beauty and uniqueness of this crystal adorned with zebra-like stripes, offering more than just visual appeal.

Description & Benefits

Supportive Energy: Zebra Calcite serves as a reliable companion, providing unwavering support to overcome fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

Boosts Confidence: Enhance feelings of self-worth, confidence, and courage with the empowering energy of Zebra Calcite.

Fosters Connection: Recognize the interconnectedness of all beings and cultivate a profound sense of belonging.

Dispels Chaos: Gently but firmly disperse and settle heavy and chaotic energies, ushering in a refreshing sense of balance and stability.

Benefits of Zebra Calcite:

Emotional Upliftment: Experience an uplifting energy that soothes the soul and encourages positive emotional states.

Inner Harmony: Achieve a harmonious balance within, fostering tranquility and peace of mind.

Courageous Expression: Tap into your inner courage and express yourself confidently and authentically.

Spiritual Connection: Deepen your spiritual connection and awareness through the calming vibes of Zebra Calcite.


Zebra Calcite


Size approx: 5cm.
Colours & stone pattern may vary – each piece is unique.
Sold per stone.

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