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USB Natural White Salt Lamp | Color Changing

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Add some natural beauty and soothing light to your home or office with this USB Natural White Salt Lamp. This lamp is made from 100% pure Himalayan salt crystals that have been hand-carved into a cube shape and mounted on a wooden base. The salt crystals emit a soft white glow that can change to different colors with the touch of a button. You can choose from seven colors or let the lamp cycle through them automatically.

Description & Benefits

Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with the USB Natural White Salt Lamp | Color Changing.

Create your own cleansing space by placing this USB lamp on a desk, nightstand or bedside table. It will add some style to your decor and its cute colour makes it perfect for any room in your house. Soothing your senses with its soft touch and a natural glow, this USB salt lamp is the perfect addition to any space.

The natural white light provides an ambient mood while the included remote control lets you set the colour and timer with ease.

100% Natural Salt
Unique Air Ionizer
Hand Carved Wooden Base
USB Outlet
Multi Colour



This lamp features a hand-carved wooden base, an energy-efficient bulb and an on/off switch for extra convenience.

The natural white colour of the lamp emits a calming light that’s perfect for any room in the house and easy to use anywhere there’s a USB outlet.

Make your home a more relaxing place with this USB Natural White Salt Lamp.

The lamp functions as an air purifier and ionizer, emitting negative ions which help to reduce stress, relieve headaches and promote relaxation. It also features a built-in multi-colour LED light that changes according to the time of day.

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