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Tribal Soul Moon Rituals Incense Sticks + Free Burner

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Moonlit Magic Incense: Invoke the magic of the moon with each waft of this carefully curated incense, designed to deepen your connection to lunar energies. Comes with a small stone incense-holder for a harmonious ritual experience.

Description & Benefits

Moonlit Magic Incense

Experience the enchanting magic of the moon with our Moonlit Magic Incense. This carefully curated incense is designed to deepen your connection to lunar energies, allowing you to immerse yourself in the celestial dance of the night sky.

Key Features:

🌙 Lunar Connection: Burning this incense invokes the moon's magic, enhancing your moonlit meditations and dreamy bedtime rituals by aligning you with lunar energies.

🪙 Stone Incense-Holder: Each purchase comes with a small, stylish stone incense-holder. This thoughtful addition ensures a complete and harmonious ritual experience, providing a practical home for your incense during your spiritual practices.

✨ Celestial Bliss: The Tribal Soul Moon Rituals Incense contains 15g of blissful aroma, allowing you to bask in its celestial scent during numerous moonlit moments.



10 sticks made with natural essential oils.

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