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Tribal Soul Energy Clearing Incense Sticks + Free Burner

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Unleash the mystique of HEM Yantra Masala Incense!  Elevate your surroundings with the enchanting blend of aromatic spices, perfect for meditation or adding a touch of sacred ambiance to your space.

Ignite the HEM Yantra Masala Incense during meditation, yoga, or moments of quiet reflection to enhance your spiritual experience. The fragrant smoke dances through the air, inviting a sense of calm and focus into your sacred space.

Description & Benefits

Unlock your spirit and explore your depths with TRIBAL SOUL energy clearing sticks! These hand-rolled incense sticks come complete with a feather-adorned paper sleeve and a mini ceramic holder for convenience, plus 12 sticks (total 15g) that burn for 30-40 mins each. Get ready to connect with the divine and take a journey through your soul!

A premium incense range inspired by the ancient tradition of smudging with aromatic herbs, in purification and healing ceremonies. Ethically produced using natural ingredients. Made by acclaimed incense manufacturer, Tulasi. Who have been handcrafting exceptional quality incense products since 1991.


Hari Darshan Incense produces Tribal Soul Incense, a premium quality based product .

Each Pack is 15g.

Meditation aid
Heightened spiritual connection
Create a calming atmosphere
Reduce stress and anxiety
Stimulate creativity
Cleanse a space of negative energy
Fill a space with good energy
Attract good vibes and good fortune
Pure enjoyment


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