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Third Eye Chakra Essential Oil #6 - 10ml

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7 Chakra Ajna Essential Oil Diffuser Blend is packed with the richness of natural ingredients topped with pure oils and extracts. It comprises top notes of Juniper Berries, Lavender and Blue Chamomile blended delicately yet beautifully with undertones of Musk, Cedarwood and Sandal

Experience freedom from impatience, expectations, burdens of the past, and many more negative thoughts that block our vision and be able to embrace your power of supreme knowledge and wisdom, healthy mind and eye. It also facilitates sound sleep.

Description & Benefits

Used for:

-Spiritual connection
-Feeling closer to Spirit
-A deeper sense of inner peace


A combination of botanical and aromatic extracts and essential oils.

Scent profile: Juniper Berries, Lavender, and Blue Chamomile


Add 8-10 drops of the oil to water and burn it using a candle/electric based diffuser. Aromafume Essential Oils are made using a traditional recipe with the help of sustainably sourced natural ingredients. Each fragrance is derived from various combinations of aromatic extracts, botanical extracts and essential oils

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i need to buy oils

do you deliver

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