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Strawberry Jasmine Incense Sticks

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The scent of delicious strawberries gives a feeling of spring and summer sun and makes you long for fragrant strawberry fields under the warm summer sun with a soft sweet accent, a bit like jasmine or honeysuckle.

Description & Benefits

Traditionally, the strawberry is associated with eroticism, love and sensuality.

The red and tasty fruit was already considered an important remedy for various ailments in ancient times and many centuries later it found its way into the poetry of Europe.

These HEM incense sticks complement the fruity scent of strawberries with the mysterious and exclusive aroma of jasmine blossoms


1 x Set of Strawberry Jasmine Incense Sticks
20 Sticks


Light one incense stick and blow it out once it has taken, then set it on an incense holder to catch the ash and let it burn completely.

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