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Stinging Nettle Root - 100g

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Explore the natural wonders of Stinging Nettle Root, now available in a convenient 100g package. This herbal powerhouse has been revered for centuries for its multitude of health benefits, offering a holistic approach to well-being.

Description & Benefits

-Reduced Night Urination (Nocturia): Say goodbye to frequent disruptions at night with our herbal blend that aids in reducing nocturnal urination.

-Improved Urine Flow: Experience enhanced urinary function and decreased residual urine, promoting better overall urinary health.

-Cleansing and Detoxification: Support your body's natural detox processes with this blend, contributing to a cleaner and revitalized system.

-Eczema Relief: Find relief from childhood eczema and nervous eczema, offering a natural solution to these skin conditions.

-Jaundice and Allergic Disorders: Our blend provides support for individuals dealing with jaundice and various allergic disorders.

-Gout and Rheumatoid Arthritis: Combat the discomfort of gout and rheumatoid arthritis, promoting joint health and reducing inflammation.

-Anemia and Sciatica Nerve Pain: Address anemia concerns and find relief from sciatica nerve pain with the nourishing properties of our herbal infusion.

-Mucus Reduction and Bronchial Catarrh: Enjoy respiratory support with a reduction in mucus and relief from bronchial catarrh.

-Prostate Health: Alleviate symptoms of an enlarged, painful prostate and address internal bleeding concerns.


Organic Stinging Nettle Root


For optimal results, boil 1 tablespoon of the herbal blend in one cup (250ml) of water for 10-15 minutes.

Strain and enjoy 2-3 cups a day to harness the full benefits of this wellness elixir.

Embrace a healthier you with our Herbal Wellness Blend.

Do not exceed stated dose. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medications or under medical supervision, please consult your doctor or healthcare professional before use.

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