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Siete Arcangeles Incense Sticks (Seven Angels)

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These incense sticks are beautifully presented in seven individual boxes, one for each arc-angle and smelling heavenly.

Description & Benefits

HEM incense sticks are World famous because each incense stick is made from the finest traditional select resins, essential oils, woods and florals that are then blended with precision, care and love.

Hem incense sticks is in the form of scented and masala incense sticks that are used during prayers, meditation, yoga and in making your environment aromatic and pleasant, thus contributing to peace and tranquility


-Arc-angle Uriel – Transformation and Illumination.
-Arc-angle Michael – Protection, guidance and strength.
-Arc-angle Zadkiel – forgiveness, mercy and benevolence.
-Arc- angle Raphael – Physical, mental and emotional healing.
-Arc-angle Jophiel – Creativity, beauty and art.
-Arc-angle Chamuel – Unconditional love and adoration.


Light one incense stick and blow it out once it has taken, then set it on an incense holder to catch the ash and let it burn completely.

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