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Sea-Rock Kelp Liquid 1L

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Sea-Rock Kelp Liquid is made from wet Ecklonia Maxima Kelp (Sea Bamboo). The kelp goes through a milling process to produce a smooth green suspension which is compatible with most fertilizer regimes. This liquid kelp stimulant has a growth promoting effect on plants, including increased root growth which strengthens the plant and will result in better yields.

Description & Benefits

-It is a natural growth catalyst which can be introduced via foliar spray where it is directly absorbed by the stomata, or by soil drench where the roots will directly absorb the nutrients.

-Can be successfully added to other blends of fertilizers or pest control regimes.
Beneficial in times of plant stress to enable growth and decrease vulnerability.

-Excellent boost for new plants, seedlings or transplants.

-Contains all the natural occurring substances and natural plant growth stimulants found in seaweed.
100% organic

-Registered Group 2 fertilizer (B5116, Act 36 of 1947) Certified organic and can safely be used in organic farming.

Sea-Rock Kelp Liquid general application rates are between 0.5% and 2% of watering solution, depending on plant development stage.



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