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Sacred Element Room Spray White Sage - 100ml.

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A natural and refreshing way to purify your space and uplift your mood.

The five sacred elements; Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space are associated with our five senses. When these senses are working in perfect harmony with each other, we can create a stronger association with our inner self and the outer universe. 

Description & Benefits

White Sage has traditionally been believed to be a powerful purifying and negativity removing fragrance that is perfect for restoring positivity to your environment.

White Sage has been used for centuries for smudging which is a cleansing ceremony to help people, places, or even objects to help get rid of negative energy.


This is an eco – friendly product that is made with organic ingredients, essential oils, emulsifier and aqua.

- 100ml plastic bottle with a spray nozzle top.
- 4cm (diameter) x 15.5cm (height)


SHAKE WELL before each use. This ensures the essential oils and other natural ingredients are mixed well and delivers a clean fine mist.

To use as a room freshener, mist generously into the air to experience true aromatherapy benefits.

To use on sheets, spray well in advance to allow fragrance to settle in and dilute enough for a relaxed sleep.

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