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Reishi Tincture 30ml

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“Reishi” is the most studied and widely used variety of medicinal mushrooms in The World, not only does it have a rich history but its benefits for uplifting our health are numerous.

Description & Benefits

-This fungus consistently demonstrates a profound ability to nourish vitality, relax the nervous system, calm the mind & promote a state of relaxed focus and concentration.

-Boost and support the immune system; it can increase white blood cell count & upgrade our immune response, particularly in the process of phagocytosis.

-Has shown tremendous results in treating autoimmune diseases, allergies, and liver function
-Has shown antioxidant qualities, which protect the body from free radical damage as well as enhance overall cell repair. 

-Reishi mushrooms also have an effect on cancer cell lines. It is recommended to use in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation.

-As an adaptogen and tonic medicine, it supports overall health and wellbeing 

-It aids in relaxing the nervous system and calming the mind

-An amazing immune supporter, upregulating immune functioning 

-Has cytotoxic effects on various cancer morphologies 

-Supportive of the respiratory system, dilating the alveoli of the lungs allowing for better breathing

-Traditionally used to promote calmness, and improve meditative practices. It is additionally regarded as a three treasure tonic, nourishing the shen, jing, & qi. It was prescribed to remove toxins, treat cancer, and rectify heart disease, liver problems, joint inflammation, and ulcers. 


-Ganoderma Austroafricanum & other SA spp. 15 000mg
-Rain Water & 99% Laboratory Grade Ethanol


1-3 x 10 drops daily (maintenance is once daily, acute cases three times daily)

As an Adaptogen it can be taken any time of day in between meals (Jing, Qi, Shen herb *check intention)

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