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RawBiotics Kids Balance 500ml

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RawBiotics for the foundation years. This daily probiotic provides all the natural bacteria your child needs to grow and thrive. These essential bacteria improve the body’s ability to use and absorb nutrition, assisting with healthy growth, supporting the immune system, and increasing the body’s ability to create natural vitamins and antibiotics.

Description & Benefits

Kick start the foundations of your child's immune system with a daily dosage of RawBiotics. This super elixir helps to balance out your child's gut and aids in optimum absorption of nutrients.


Rawbiotics KIDS includes the following selection of herbal extracts specially chosen for children to promote good health and growth: 
Lemon Balm


1-6 years old: 5ml/day.
6 years old+: 15ml/day.
Newborns & Babies: Begin with 1ml per day and build up to 5ml per day.

Can be taken at any time, with or without food.

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