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Palo Santo Smudge Spray & Natural Mist - 100ml

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A natural and smoke-free mist for cleansing, relaxing, and uplifting your space and mood.

Description & Benefits

Spray to induce- Positivity, Calmness, Confidence and Inner Peace.

Scent profile- Minty top notes of Pine & Lemon, Woody undertone

Known as holy wood in Spanish, Palo Santo is a tree associated with several medicinal and therapeutic properties. Its aromatic resins, wood and oils are beneficial for meditation, concentration and enhancing creativity and reducing stress.

-Cleanses the air and the aura of negative influences
-Protects against microbes and infections
-Relieves stress and anxiety
-Enhances mood, memory, and cognition
-Promotes spiritual growth and connection


Minty top notes of Pine & Lemon, Woody undertone

Made using a base of Pure Peruvian Palo Santo, Palo Santo Mist is a clean, smoke-free mist that is crystal infused & Reiki charged to elevate and enhance your sense of peacefulness. This woody, minty, earthy scent reminiscent of Palo Santo Wood is perfect for meditation, grounding & protection. Using this spray will lift your spirits and awaken your senses.


Shake the bottle gently, spray a few times and mist your fabric, spaces, room, linens, your car, or gym bag. This fragrance can overpower the odor of smoke. Blessed with the intention to cleanse your soul, body, home and spirit!

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