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Organics Matter Humic Acid Granular 1L

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Concentrated, high-quality extracts of Humic Acid sourced from ancient leonardite deposits. Available in a 90% flake, ideal for use with granular fertilisers.

Description & Benefits

-High-quality extracts of Humic acid from ancient Leonardite deposits
-Ideal for use with granular fertilizers
-Apply at a rate of approx. 5% to the fertilizer blend (eg: 5kg per 100kg fertilizer)

Particle size: 2 – 5mm flake
Humic Acid 900 g/kg
Potassium 66.4 g/kg
Moisture max 15%
Solubility 85%
Appearance 2-5mm Black Granule



As a general rule apply at a rate equivalent to 5% of the fertiliser blend.
(5 kg Humate Flakes per 100 kg fertiliser)

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