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Organics Matter Fulvic Acid Powder 1L

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Are you looking to increase your plant's nutrient uptake? This is a powerful, non-toxic, organic electrolyte. This soil amendment enhances cell division and elongation and can interact with sunlight to enhance photosynthesis. Able to detoxify pollutants in the soil, this product offers drought protection and magnified root growth.

Description & Benefits

-Powerful organic electrolyte
-Enhances cell division & elongation
-Root growth is magnified
-Can interact w/ sunlight to enhance photosynthesis
-Can absorb a part of the harmful UV radiation
-Offers drought protection
-Can detoxify pollutants in the soil



DIY 8% Fulvic Acid Liquid:
Mix 12Kg fulvic powder with 100L water.
Add to water slowly and agitate to prevent lump formation.

Soil application: 2-5 kg per ha.
As part of fertiliser blend: 1-2% of the blend.

Keep dry.
May stain foliage and fruit, avoid application close to harvest.
Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection.

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