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Organic Coconut Sugar - 300g

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Savor the natural sweetness of Crede Coconut Sugar, a golden gem extracted from the flower bud of the coconut tree. Expertly crafted through a purification process, our coconut sugar boasts caramel-colored crystals, delivering a subtly sweet flavor with a hint of caramel goodness.

Description & Benefits

-Lower GI Substitute: Embrace a healthier alternative to cane sugar with Coconut Sugar, renowned for its lower glycemic index.

-Organic Purity: Enjoy the assurance of organic goodness with Crede Coconut Sugar, certified Organic by LACON for a pure and wholesome experience.

-Subtle Sweetness: Delight your taste buds with the gentle sweetness of coconut sugar, enhancing the flavor of your favorite recipes.

-Caramel Infusion: Experience a subtle hint of caramel in every crystal, adding a touch of indulgence to your culinary creations.

Elevate your sweet moments with Crede Coconut Sugar – a natural choice for those seeking a mindful and delectable sugar alternative.


The flower bud of the coconut tree can be tapped to extract a liquid which is purified to produce coconut sugar.

The nectar is gently heated to remove moisture, and the resulting caramel, coloured crystals are what is known as coconut sugar that has become so popular around the world.

Coconut sugar is considered to be a lower GI substitute for cane sugar. It is subtly sweet with a slight hint of caramel. Crede Coconut sugar is certified Organic by LACON


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