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Motherkind Bodygold Collagen Peptides 375g

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Support for your journey to remolding your body. Bodygold (R) Natural Bodysculpt & Toner contains bioactive collagen peptides. These unique peptides are concentrated, soluble, and highly bioavailable (that means they are in the form that your body needs, making the ingredients readily available to get to work).


When used in combination with exercise, these specialized bioactive peptides have been clinically proven to transform and optimise body makeup. Specially targeted for increasing lean body mass and decreasing fat mass.

Description & Benefits

Promotes lean muscle
May firm skin
Assists in decreasing fat mass
Smooths cellulite
Boosts energy levels
Supplements general health
Clinically tested for optimising body toning by stimulating the collagen matrix of the muscles.

1 Single Serving Provides 15 Grams of the Efficacious, Clinical Verified Dose of Bioactive Collagen Peptides Per Serving.
Supplementation should be combined with exercise in order to see the full benefits of the product.


Pure Collagen Hydrolysate (Bovine) 15 000mg


Add 1 scoop of Bodygold (R) Natural BodySculpt & Toner to 1 glass of water (or low-calorie beverage of choice)
Stir for 10 seconds and allow the solution to dissolve fully.
For best results, consume twice daily (in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before bed).

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