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Moonstone Palm Stones

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Introducing our enchanting Moonstone Palm stones, available in two mesmerizing variations—Black Moonstone and Earthtone Moonstone. Each palm stone is a petite 5 x 4 x 1cm, featuring a lusciously 'puffy' soap-like shape and adorned with the captivating sheen that Moonstone is renowned for.

Description & Benefits

Black Moonstone: Dive into the depths of mystery and intuition with the grounding energy of Black Moonstone.

Earthtone Moonstone: Connect with the natural rhythms of the Earth, finding balance and harmony with Earthtone Moonstone.

Key Benefits:

Moon Connection: As a stone linked to the moon, Moonstone's potency is heightened during a waxing moon, making it perfect for various lunar rituals and intentions.

Hormone Balancer: Moonstone is known as an energetic "hormone balancer," supporting equilibrium within the endocrine system.

Fertility Talisman: Embrace Moonstone as a fertility talisman, promoting the energy of fertility and aiding in reproductive health.

Zodiac Birthstone: A divine birthstone for the Cancer zodiac sign, Moonstone enhances the emotional well-being of Cancer individuals.


Black Moonstone.
Earthtone Moonstone.


Size approx: 5cm.
Colours & stone pattern may vary – each piece is unique.
Sold per stone.

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