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McNabs Natural Moringa Tea Kombucha with Live Culture 500ml

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Kombucha is a raw fermented ancient remedy made with a unique balance of live cultures and refreshing moringa tea, that brings balance to the body and mind. Kombucha is rich in beneficial probiotics, creating a healthy gut and providing a strong immune system. Suitable for the whole family.

Description & Benefits

-Protects the Liver
-Treats Stomach Complaints
-Fights Against Bacterial Diseases
-Helpful in Treating Depression, Anxiety and Fatigue
-Helps Wounds Healing
-Reduces High Blood Pressure
-Promotes the normal functioning of the liver and the kidney
-Beautifies the skin
-Promotes energy
-Promotes proper digestion
-Acts as an antioxidant
-Takes care of the immune system of the body
-Promotes a healthy circulatory system
-It is an anti-inflammatory
-Gives a feeling of general wellness
-Supports the normal sugar levels of the body


Natural Moringa Tea kombucha with fermented live culture.


For a therapeutic dose take a minimum of 250 ml daily.

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