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Loofah (Natural Sponge)

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These natural sponges do so much more than just scrub away tough skin (they are great at that) and you can also use them on a daily basis to exfoliate your skin.

The loofahs natural fibres lift the dead skin cells from your skin, revealing a smoother and clearer skin surface.

Description & Benefits

Loofahs improve blood circulation in the skin and improved circulation helps in getting rid of toxins, chemicals and other built up substances in certain areas of the body. It also helps getting our systems running in the morning.


This Loofah comes with a natural Jute rope attached so you can hang it easily to dry. They are all grown naturally and come in slightly different shapes.

-Size: 12-14cm (length)
-100% plant fibre & vegan. Loofahs are plants. -They are relatives of the cucumber, and like cucumber, they grow on vines with pretty yellow flowers and can be eaten! When they are left on the vine to mature the fruit dries out and all that is left are the fibres and seeds.
-Biodegradable (just throw it on the compost when it's used up)
-Zero Waste & Plastic Free
-Comes with a handy string attached, easier to hang :)
-Locally grown in Durban, South Africa


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