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Liquid pH Up 250ml

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Liquid pH Up consists of Potassium Hydroxide and is used to increase pH. Adjust levels to improve the growing conditions for your plants.

Description & Benefits

-Liquid pH Up consists of Potassium Hydroxide and is used to increase pH. Adjust the pH levels to improve the growing conditions for your plants. Hydroponic plants thrive best in solutions with a pH ranging from 5.5 to 6.5.

-Potassium hydroxide is a strong alkali (base) and many of its uses are a result of this property. As a base, potassium hydroxide acts as a pH regulator in industrial manufacturing and processing. In the agricultural industry, potassium hydroxide is used to regulate the pH of acidic soils.

-Liquid pH Up has an extremely low level of phytotoxicity and does not contain salts or chlorides.

-With plants, nutrient availability can be affected by soil or solution pH. pH levels outside recommended ranges can lead to nutrient lockout and nutrient deficiencies resulting in stunted growth and poor appearance. Control pH levels, minimize problems and maximize your plants’ full potential with pH Up and pH Down solutions.



Instructions: should be added in small amounts to water until the pH is increased to the required level. Use in conjunction with a pH meter or good quality pH test kit.

Be consistent in making sure pH stays in the range

You don’t need to be exact, just keep an eye on things and react if you notice the pH is getting too high or too low

Add all of your nutrients to your water first before checking and adjusting the pH. Your nutrients will affect the pH of your water so it’s important they get added before making any adjustments.

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