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Leafolo Lions Tail Blend - (1 Pocket Pack | Net Weight: 20g)

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Our Lion's Tail blend (Leonotis Leonurus) is ideal for bringing one to a calm and relaxed state and for inducing a deep meditative sleep and enhancing dreaming. 

Description & Benefits

-Traditionally the plant has had many medicinal uses, and the indigenous Khoikhoi people of South Africa would smoke it, claiming it is a good remedy for chest complaints, including coughs, colds and bronchitis.
-In addition, because of its mild euphoric effects, -----Lions Tail is a wonderful complimentary smoking additive to a blend and is often referred to as a -------Cannabis substitute or companion for a mix.
-Tobacco and nicotine-free
-Smooth and Gentle to Smoke.
-Easy to roll.
-Enhanced with Traditional African Herbs.



Mix with your favourite strain or smoke on its own as a substitute.

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