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Kratom - Red Kali Capsules

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Red Kali Kratom has a strong, long lasting sedative effect and can significantly reduce pain and help reduce stress and anxiety. It has both a euphoric, and sedative effect and is great if you experience nerve pain. This strain is an ideal choice for users looking to alleviate pain while remaining focused and energetic.

Description & Benefits

The benefits of this strain include:

-Reduced inflammation
-Eases withdrawal symptoms
-Helps with fibromyalgia
-Anxiety and stress relief
-Insomnia and sleep problems
-Alleviates muscle spasms
-Help with endometriosis
-Eases nerve pain


100% pure, organic, premium grade kratom.


Always start with the lowest possible dose and increase with 1g until you find the lowest dose that works for you.

Mild: 2 - 4 caps
Moderate: 4-6 caps
Strong: 6 caps

We are not doctors and do not claim to be, we simply supply herbal supplements that target specific ailments.

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