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Kratom - Green Supreme Bali Capsules

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Green Supreme Bali Kratom remains to be one of the most sort after and favorite strains amongst users. This strain is especially unique in the effects it has on its users, which makes it one of the most desirable strains of kratom. Benefits include pain relief, focus, energy and stamina. Green Supreme Bali Kratom is an extremely versatile that caters for various uses. It is found in the Indonesian Island of Bali. 

Description & Benefits

Additional key benefits include:

-Pain Relief
-Muscle relaxant
-ADHD remedy
-Immune booster
-Appetite reduction
-Relief from opiate withdrawal and addiction
-Energy enhancement
-Sexual stamina
-Mood boost


100% pure green kratom


Always start with the lowest possible dose and increase with 1g until you find the lowest dose that works for you.

Mild: 2 - 4 caps
Moderate: 4-6 caps
Strong: 6 caps

We are not doctors and do not claim to be, we simply supply herbal supplements that target specific ailments.

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