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Joint Health Tincture 30ml

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Arthritis, Gout, old injuries, and any experience of joint pain can be the source of much mobility inhibition and in turn discouragement from active living.

In order to reduce the experience of pain, decrease levels of uric acid in the joints as well as maintain joint health, we have created this blend which will aid in alleviating joint-related discomfort. 

Description & Benefits

Here are each of the benefits of the ingredients of the unique Joint Health tincture blend:

-Devils Claw: Anti-inflammatory herb which aids in dissolving uric acid which has built up in the joints, therefore decreasing symptoms associated with arthritis and gout. It reduces pain and inflammation throughout the body. 

-Corn Silk: A rich source of flavonoid antioxidants, it reduces oxidative stress on the body. Further, it is a phenomenal anti-inflammatory, which additionally contains magnesium, therefore, reducing inflammation in the joints and aiding in the repair of joint pain and injury. 

-Frankincense: An ancient well-known tonic for reducing symptoms associated with arthritis and gout it is great anti-inflammatory medicine and additionally aids in preventing the deterioration of cartilage and joint lining. 

-Irish Moss: Nutritious and restorative, Irish moss is jam-packed with nutrients. Filled with primary metabolites and naturally occurring mucilage it provides moisture to the joints and aids in restoring mobility. 

-Burdock Root: Burdock root has proven to be a great anti-inflammatory and reduces the experience of pain related to joints and even osteoarthritis. The anti-inflammatory effects are due to the action which shows that it reduces the appearance of proteins that trigger the inflammatory response in damaged and/or injured tissue cells.


Devils Claw, Cornsilk, Frankincense, Irish Moss, and Burdock
Rain Water & 99% Laboratory Grade Ethanol


10 drops 1-3 x daily or as needed 
Depending on severity, adjust dose
*Check interactions with BP meds and anti-inflammatories

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