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Jiffy Pot 8x8

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Professional nurseries, landscapers, greenhouse growers and hydroponic farmers all over the world can benefit from the range of advantages the Jiffy Pot provides.

Description & Benefits

-You can save on labour with Jiffy Pots because you don’t need to de-pot: simply pot on or plant out – Jiffy Pot and all. You get faster rooting with a Jiffy Pot than with a plastic pot, thanks to no root disturbance and less root-zone temperature fluctuations.

-You can also reduce water consumption by 20% when Jiffy Pots are combined with the Jiffy Pot Tray, as this allows shorter, or less frequent, watering cycles.  

-Stronger roots


-Zero plastic

-A large part of all Jiffy Pots are 100% home-compostable and approved for organic production.



1.Fill the pots/strips with potting soil.
2.Water thoroughly – making sure the sides of the pots are saturated.
3.Sow seed or stick cutting and position in a bright place.
4.When the seeds are sprouting, turn the cover slightly for air circulation.
5.When the seeds have sprouted, take the cover off.
Avoid frost.
6.Gradually expose to the sun.
7.Never overwater or let them dry out.
8.Water thoroughly.
9.Refill water when required.
10.Transplant the pot/strip.
11.Put the pots/strips in a tray.
12.Transplant the whole pot into the flower bed or flower pot protects the sensitive root system.
Cover with soil.

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