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Your gut health affects your overall health more than you could imagine unless you've physically studied it. Everything from your hormones to your brain chemistry to the clarity of your skin has roots in your gut. A healthy gut leads to a healthy you!

Description & Benefits

What are some of the benefits?

-Promotes the growth of healthy intestinal flora
-Promotes a strong immune system
-Natural anti-virus
-Natural anti-inflammatory and antibiotic
-Enhanced digestion
-Alleviates food allergies and prevents allergies in children
-Improves bowel movements
-Enhances gastro-intestinal renewal (heals leaky gut)
-Prevents colon cancer
-Improved blood circulation
-Balances acidity of gastric (stomach) juices
-Improves and reduces the risk of ulcers and chronic stomach inflammation
-Improves and reduces the risk for eczema and acne
-Helps to maintain correct body PH levels
-Helps to protect against chronic disorders
-Acts as a disinfectant, killing infectious bacteria
-Improves and supports health the of organs
-Produces vitamin B12, essential to the blood-cell formation and DNA synthesis
-Promotes better nutrient absorption
-Controls satiety (resulting in weight loss)
-Powerful anti-oxidant and detoxing effects
-Reduces insulin resistance
-Reduces unhealthy food cravings
-Alleviates diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
-Improves mental health, mood, and behavior
Reduce the risk of brain diseases


Purified and structured water, mother culture, fermented aloe ferox, fermented treacle (sugar-free).


Full dosage 30mls
It is recommended to start with 5 ml and increase by 5ml each week until the Full dosage of 30 ml is reached.

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