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Imphepho (White Sage) Smudge Sticks

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The White Sage Smudge Stick can be used to smudge your home, your meditation space or your personal space.

The White Sage Smudge Stick has a beautiful scent that calms the mind and purifies the body, and is great for helping you to clear your mind and focusing on your intentions. When you bring the aroma of white sage into your living space, you help to clear negative energies and promote positive vibes.

Description & Benefits

-A sacred African herb with calming & cleansing properties

-Harvested in a respectful & sustainable way

-Hand picked, hand tied & dried in 100% cotton

-Can be used as a sacred incense or smudge to cleanse energy, or as an offering when praying

Sage smudging is ritually done to purify energies, such as in churches - a tradition that is centuries old. It is a powerful herb that whilst cleansing also brings in protection, so it is great to use for house-clearings and use in ceremonies. It has also been shown to repel insects making it an all-around beneficial herb to use in-home.

May assist with:

-Energy Clearing
-Crystal Clearing
-Help reduce stress and anxiety
-Natural home fragrance
-Smudging / Space Clearing
-Focus, clarity and creativity
-Meditation and grounding


100% organic Imphepho smudge stick
(+- 70g each)


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