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Her Secret - Libido Capsules (60)

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Discover the extraordinary benefits of our powerful hormone booster designed to enhance various aspects of sexual function in non-stimulated women.
This unique formula aims to elevate the chemicals linked to arousal, sexual desire, and orgasms, fostering a more fulfilling experience.
Additionally, our product promotes improved blood flow to sexual organs by stimulating the production of Nitric oxide. Notably, it contributes to enhanced ovulation in women, providing a holistic approach to support your intimate well-being. Embrace a more vibrant and fulfilling sensuality with our specialized hormone booster.

Description & Benefits

• All ingredients in this product are important stimulators of dopamine, the chemical associated with sexual desire.

• The increase in luteinizing hormone in women may help increase the chances of ovulation and in turn, fertility

• The inhibition of certain enzymes by moringa seed, maca and panax ginseng may aid in vasodilation of blood vessels, allowing better blood flow to sexual organs

• Nitric oxide helps relax muscles in sexual organs, the increase of nitric oxide by tribulus, maca and panax ginseng aid in the relaxation and subsequent blood flow to said sex organs.

• A product comprised completely of natural ingredients


Tribulus terrestis, maca extract, panax, ginseng extract, nutmeg, moringa seed.


Take 1 or 2 capsules before or with breakfast.

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