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Heart Health Tincture 30ml

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The official leading cause of death on this planet in modern times is heart disease. In order to maintain and promote a healthy heart, this extract was made to help improve cardiovascular health as well as aid in the treatment of heart disease, high cholesterol, and improve healthy blood circulation.

This blend can also be used as a preventative measure to ward off long-term heart conditions.

Description & Benefits

-Hawthorn Berries: Antioxidant rich and anti-inflammatory, these berries are well known to lower blood pressure as a vasodilator, therefore relaxing any constricted blood vessels and lowering blood pressure. It has shown the ability to decrease cholesterol, and treat heart failure – it improves heart function, exercise tolerance, prevents fatigue, aids in treating heart palpitations, and prevents shortness of breath.

-Hibiscus: Lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels, it treats cholesterol. Hibiscus acts as a tonic for the heart, strengthening the heart, increasing heart vitality, longevity and preventing heart failure.

-Rosehip: Due to antioxidant content it protects the heart against heart disease. The vitamin C content supports heart health, it reduces blood pressure and improves blood flow to the heart. It is additionally anti-inflammatory, aids in skin health, reduces pain and may protect against type 2 diabetes.

-Lime Blossom: Better known as Linden, these blossoms promote relaxation, fight inflammation, reduce pain, is a diuretic, improves sleep, soothes digestion and lowers blood pressure. Some of the plant components lower blood pressure and have an interaction with calcium channels which aid in maintaining healthy heart muscle contractions, it also reduces blood pressure.

Throw-wort (Motherwort) : Used throughout traditional folk medicine for heart conditions such as heart failure, irregular heartbeat, fast heartbeat, and symptoms of anxiety which affects the heart.


Hawthorn Berries, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Lime Blossom and Throw-wort
Rain Water & 99% Laboratory Grade Ethanol


10 drops 1-3 x daily or as needed 
*Check interactions (Heart, BP medications)

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