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Gemstone on Stand - Pink Tourmaline

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A unique way to display these eye-catching gemstones in your home or office. Each gemstone specimen has been mounted onto a black metal stand which not only adds height, but makes sure the beauty of each crystal is displayed front and centre!

Description & Benefits

-Activating the heart chakra.

-Alleviating stress and emotional imbalances.

-The pink tourmaline healing crystals can help you heal your emotional wounds, release your stress, and restore your balance.

-They can also attract and enhance love, joy, and compassion in your life.

-They can also protect you from negative energies and enhance your psychic abilities. 


The pink tourmaline healing crystals on metal stand are made of natural pink tourmaline mineral that is mined from the earth. They are polished and shaped into crystals that can vary in size, colour, and clarity. Each pink tourmaline healing crystal is unique and beautiful. The metal stand is made of iron that is painted with black colour. It is sturdy and elegant. 

Each one has an approximate height of 11cm.


Place the pink tourmaline healing crystals on metal stand in a visible or accessible location in your home or workplace. You can also hold them in your hand or place them on your body during meditation or healing sessions.

You can also use them to charge your water or other crystals by placing them near or on top of them.

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