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Dragons Blood Masala Incense

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Dense earth yet sweet aromas will lead you towards divinity. Dragons Blood masala is a fantastic well, rounded, multi-purpose incense used for deep digging spiritually as well as everyday defragmenting.

Description & Benefits

Dragons Blood Masala Incense has an earthy, dense aroma with notes of amber, vanilla, and spices, giving it a musky, slightly sweet floral undertone. It is rich in cultural history used for centuries to protect the burner from attack and to cleanse, motivate and attract.

It is said to be a powerful spiritual catalyst for internal healing.


1 set of Dragons Blood Masala incense sticks


Light one incense stick and place it on a holder to let the dreamy scent fill the room and work its magic on your mind. Perfect for meditation, yoga practice, study, or even when entertaining.

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