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Dip 'n grow Liquid Rooting Agent - 5ml

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Dip ’n Grow® was developed, tested and perfected by chemist Clyde Jackson, he then stated that Dip ’n Grow® would be the finest root propagation formula.

Whether it is as robust as a hardwood or soft like a succulent, we have the right dilutions to satisfy any grower’s needs

Description & Benefits

It is also self-sanitising … no danger of contaminated
solutions as it contains both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Depending on the plant species, rooting will take place in several weeks to a month. During this period, cuttings should be kept in a greenhouse environment.

Mini greenhouses are available at lawn
and garden centers.

It is best to keep the cuttings out of direct sunlight (50% shading is a common practice) so that the top of the cuttings do not get dehydrated. Keep moisture on the tops of the cuttings throughout
the rooting period (a spray bottle works well).

Remember to allow the soil to drain so that the cutting stems are not standing in water. Poor drainage may lead to the cutting stem rotting before root formation has taken place.

The air temperature should be kept cool to warm depending on the natural habitat of the plant species (in a range of 18-32°C).

The root zone temperature or the soil temperature can be kept warmer (in a range of 18-24°C). You can use bottom heat under the flat or tray of cuttings.

• Choose a healthy plant when gathering cuttings.
• Cuttings are best if taken early in the morning.
• Select branch tips from vertical shoots (plant growth that is
growing up) with approximately 3-4 leaves/leaf sets.
• When taking the cutting, snip at a 45° angle.
• Keep cuttings moist and cool on ice or in a plastic bag.
• Remove the lower leaves in preparation.



Easy as 1,2,3!

1.Mix Dip ’n Grow® concentrate with
water in ther diluting cup provided

2.Dip basal end of cutting into solution
for 3 to 5 seconds

3.Place cutting in planting media
with appropriate greenhouse-like

30ml of Dip ’n Grow® will make 1500 cuttings which makes it a very economical rooting compound. Dip ’n Grow® at a dilution rate of 1-20 can also be used for blossom drop which gives them longer life on the plant.

Hardwoods: add water to the 5 X dilution line.
Semi-hardwoods: add water to the 10 X dilution line.
Softwoods or Succulents: add water to the 20 X dilution lin

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