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Devils Claw Powder 60-70g

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Devils Claw is a phytochemically rich plant found in the extremely harsh Kalahari environment. Discovered only in Southern Africa, this herb has been used for over 20000 years as a tonic medicine for the Khoisan people.

  • Quells fevers
  • Eases digestive issues
  • Aids in treatment of arthritis and gout
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Tonic

Description & Benefits

-Devil’s Claw has been used for centuries, if not millennia, by dwellers of the Kalahari region to treat illnesses such as fevers, diseases of the digestive tract, skin problems, and various aches and pains. 

-With modern science, we can see that the secondary root tubers of devil’s claw contain a vast array of chemicals mainly iridoid glycosides, harpagoside, procumbide, harpagoquinone, stigmasterol, beta-sitosterol, triterpenes, and many more. 

-This versatile plant is mainly used to treat rheumatism and arthritis, it is also used for pain management, as an anti-inflammatory, and as a general health tonic. 

-A viable alternative treatment for those with gout.


Harpagophytum Procumbens


1-3 tsp daily (maintenance is once daily, acute cases three times daily) 

Effective to start the day with a smoothie combining: Turmeric and bromelain (Pineapple, turmeric smoothie with black pepper and coconut milk)

Can be taken throughout the day
*Check interactions (liver processed drugs)

Customer Reviews

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Kathleen Du Toit
Devils claw

Really helps for arthritis and joint health

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