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Canis-Pain CBD & Tumeric blend -Pet Spray 600mg

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Canis-Pain CBD & Tumeric blend, is specifically formulated for our furry friends. and is well known to aid in a number of ailments, from improving mobility in older pets, to reducing pain and inflammation.

Our furry friends have endocannabinoid systems too! If your pet could talk, they would say…. thank you!

Description & Benefits

How CBD can help your pet:

-Pain relief for both acute and chronic purposes in cases such as arthritis, nerve pain, joint pain, hip pain, or even post-surgery recovery.
-Anxiety relief particularly separation anxiety, aggression, skittishness, restlessness, and general fear such as rescue dogs that have PTSD.
-Its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce inflammation both internally and externally.
-Assist with a healthy appetite for animals who have been suffering weight loss and/or nausea.
-Skin and coat renewal and healing.
-Help manage Cancer & Cancer symptoms
-Reduce symptoms of Arthritis



Weight in Kg                                         Daily Dosage in Drops
2-4                                                          1
5-9                                                          1-4
10-15                                                     2-6
16-20                                                     3-8
21-29                                                     4-12
30+                                                        6-15

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CBD Oil for dogs & cats

From easing anxiety to many forms of pain, CBD is proving to be more and more popular as a treatment for our furry pets.