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Colour ME - Navy

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The ocean at midnight!

The colours of nature aren't limited to earth tones. Flowers burst with colour, and now you can too - with none of the funny stuff.

Green Square Colour ME range is a 100% natural colour powder, free from chemicals and is vegan friendly.

Description & Benefits

Safe for pregnant women & children
Lasts 7-10 washes
19 colour's to choose from

1. Add Colour ME powder to conditioner. 1:2 ratio (1 powder : 2 conditioner) to make a paste.
2. The more concentrated the mixture, the more intense the result.
3. Wash hair as normal with shampoo.
4. Apply paste to towel-dried hair.
5. Leave on your hair for 30 minutes, or longer for a brighter colour.
6. Rinse & style as usual.



Add Colour ME powder to conditioner. 1:2 ratio (1 powder : 2 conditioner)

Customer Reviews

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Lameez de Jager
Navy turns out purple

Disappointed in the colour. Navy came out gential violet purple on my white hair. This is after 1 was. I thought it would oxidise and turn blue as the mixture was purple when I mixed it. But it remained purple and definitely not a hint of blue.

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