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Colour ME - Orange

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The colours of nature aren't limited to earth tones. Flowers burst with colour, and now you can too - with none of the funny stuff.

Green Square Colour ME range is a 100% natural colour powder, free from chemicals and is vegan friendly.

Description & Benefits

Green Square Colour ME range is a 100% natural colour powder, free from chemicals, and is vegan friendly.

Safe for pregnant women & children
It lasts 7-10 washes
19 colour's to choose from

Please note:

Because this powder is natural with no harsh chemicals, it offers the brightest and most vibrant results on lighter hair tones. If you have very dark hair, you may only achieve a tone.

Our grey and rose gold shades often require 2 to 3 applications, depending on the shade of your hair, to get the desired results, but it is worth it! There are 12 scoops per tub, so you can get 3-12 applications out of one tub depending on your hair length.

You should only need to re-apply after every 6 washes to keep its vibrancy.




-Add Colour ME powder to your favourite conditioner. 1:2 ratio (1 powder : 2 conditioner) to make a paste
(The more concentrated the mixture, the more intense the result. Add extra scoops for a brighter shade. )


0.5 - 1 t/s for short to shoulder-length
1-2 t/s for shoulder-length to medium-length
2-3 t/s for long-length

-Wash hair as normal with shampoo
-Apply the paste to towel-dried hair
-Leave on your hair for 30 minutes, or longer for a brighter colour
-Rinse & style as usual

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