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Cognitive Tincture 30ml

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This blend acts as a nootropic medicine to promote mental clarity, and focus, improve both long and short-term memory as well as maintain a healthy overall brain.


It does so by incorporating powerful circulation stimulating herbs as well as herbs that aid in supporting the process of neurogenesis and memory retention. This blend also boosts nervous system health.

Description & Benefits

Here are each of the benefits of the ingredients of the unique cognitive tincture blend:

-Ginkgo: Over millennia of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this amazing ally is packed with medicinal benefits, being full of antioxidants and having phenomenal protective effects on the body. As a cognitive health tonic, it aids in increasing circulation, promotes neurogenesis, and thereby aids in treating neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer's. It promotes the activity of neurotransmitters, therefore, focusing and allowing for the brain to be more focused and additionally aid in memory recollection both long and short term. 

-Gotu Kola: Known as ‘the herb of longevity', it boosts cognitive functioning in being able to improve overall cognitive well-being as well as in the memory domain. Neuroprotective and promoting neurogenesis, it aids in preventing and treating neurodegenerative diseases. It has additionally shown to be a great antianxiety, reduces stress, and improves circulation. 

-Brahmi: Packed with antioxidants Brahmi is able to protect and repair cells from free radical damage, it additionally reduces levels of inflammation, enhances brain functioning in being able to retain information better, and improves the process of learning. It additionally is able to decrease symptoms of ADHD and ADD, promoting focus, impulse control, and cognition. It reduces stress, and anxiety, and controls blood pressure. 

-Rosemary: An amazing antianxiety, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. The use of Rosemary has been shown to both improve memory, boost mood, reduce anxiety levels, and maintain higher levels of adrenal and nervous system energy.

-Sage: High in nutrients, antioxidants, reduces blood sugar levels and even controls Cholesterol. The antioxidants present have shown as neuroprotective and aid as a buffer in the brain's defence mechanism, it aids in memory and can promote clearer problem solving, alertness, calmness, and other cognitive abilities.


Ginkgo, Gotu Kola, Brahmi, Rosemary, and Sage
Rain Water & 99% Laboratory Grade Ethanol


10 drops 1-3 x daily or as needed 
Morning/ midday for cognitive function, focus, energy, mood-balancing

Mid-afternoon to support energy dip

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