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Blue Lotus Oil Roller - 4ml

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Blue Lotus Oil absorbs trough the skin and brings in feelings of calm, relaxation, focus and bliss!

Description & Benefits

May assist with:

-Focus and memory
-Lucid dreaming
-Motor control

Absolute oils are more potent than essential oils because their aroma is preserved
during the more labor-intensive extraction process rather than evaporated during
the more usual steam distillation. Extraction of an absolute oil is typically a time-consuming
procedure that yields a higher concentration. For context, it takes a ton of
Blue Lotus flowers to yield a liter of absolute oil.

Cold enfleurage includes placing the flower top or individual petals on two sides of a
glass insert with purified fat in a chassis. The fat absorbs the flower’s essential oil naturally. The essential oil is pulled out in
around 3 days for each batch of flowers, and the procedure is repeated until the fat
reaches a suitable concentration. Many batch adjustments are hand-done. The fat
may get saturated after three weeks (7 batch changes) at 3 days for each batch,
depending on the bloom.

After saturation, separate essential oil from fat. An “enfleurage pomade” is ready to
remove the flower fragrance from saturated fat. The essence of the enfleurage
pomade mixes with alcohol till it evaporates. Absolute oil remains after evaporation.
Enfleurage botanical extraction is the earliest. Southern France originated it in the
19th century for excellent fragrances.



-Use the roller to apply a small amount of the oil straight to the body to promote focus and relaxation.

-Apply to navel at night to assist with sleep and dreaming.

-Use between 0.05% and 0.25% of the absolute oil in a carrier oil to make a massage oil.

-Add 3–5 drops to a relaxing herbal bath.

-Add one drop to an incense stick.

-Add to an oil diffuser for an incredible fragrance.

-Placing a drop on your hand, rubbing them together and inhaling fora fragrant immersion.

-Add to face cream and/or mosturizer.

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