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Biogrow Pyrol 250ml

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Broad spectrum control for high insect pressure

Pyrol, a natural plant extract, is a broad spectrum contact insecticide.

Description & Benefits

Citrus, ornamentals & vegetables

Aphids, Australian bug & Spider mites

Do not eat, drink or smoke while applying Pyrol. Wash with soap and water after handling Pyrol. Do not contaminate water, food or feed by disposal and do not re-use container. Destroy empty container and dispose of in a safe way.

Pyrol is harmful if swallowed and contact with eyes, skin and clothing should be avoided. Pyrol should be kept out of reach of children and uninformed persons. Store Pyrol in its original container, in a cool, dry place, away from food and animal feed.


By mass Pyrethrin 5g/ℓ & Canola oil 895g/ℓ


Pyrol should be sprayed when the target pest is active. It can be used as a curative measure to control high pest infestations using the higher recommended rate with applications every 7 days. Under periods of low insect infestation, apply every 14 days. Can be applied until the day of harvest.

10-20ml/1ℓ water

Application instructions
Apply as full cover spray, ensuring thorough wetting on top and underside of leaves. Spray at coolest part of the day. Do not apply in temperatures above 30°C. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Shake well before use.

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