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Aroma Oil Mystic Citronella - 10ml

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Aroma oils are an effective substitute to this inconsistency of essential oils. By blending premium essential oils with other natural and safe ingredients we create an effective product - Aroma Oil which does not leave any residue and comes with the fragrance of your choice.

A perfect way to turn your home, office, spa, meditation or yoga room any surroundings, into a fragrant sanctuary.

Description & Benefits

Mystic Citronella, the oil is extracted using steam distillation process from grass of the citronella plant. The rich lemony aroma eliminates odour and create a hygienic environment. Citronella is well known as insect repellent as it repels insects naturally.

Aroma oils are fragrance oil blends of essential and carrier oils combined with other natural or synthetic aromatic ingredients.

Pure essential oils are expensive and their fragrances can be quite potent. As they are made from plant matter, they may contain chemicals which can have a range of harmful effects on the human body.




Can be used in ceramic diffusers, electric diffusers and potpourri

Pour 5-6 drops of oil into the diffuser - use in aroma freshener diffusers, aroma therapy lamps and potpourri. For best results choose from a variety of soap-stone
ceramic & electric diffusers.

Caution Do not use oil on skin. Place the diffuser in safe location. Keep away from children. Refer pack for other details

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