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Angel Incense Ash Catcher Plate

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A little angel plate is a lovely and charming way to decorate your home or office with a touch of heavenly grace.

You can place a lit incense stick in its hands and the plate will catch the ash. The incense stick represents your prayers and the plate represents your faith. As the incense stick burns, you can imagine your prayers reaching the angel and the angel sending you blessings and protection. The plate will also emit a pleasant aroma that can help you relax and feel peaceful. You can use the little angel plate whenever you want to connect with your guardian angel, express your gratitude, or ask for guidance. It is a simple and beautiful tool for spiritual practice.

Description & Benefits

-Decorates your home or office with a touch of heavenly grace
-Connects you with your guardian angel, gratitude, and guidance
-Sends your prayers and receives blessings and protection
-Emits a pleasant aroma that helps you relax and feel peaceful


Ceramic, paint, glaze.


Place a lit incense stick in the angel’s hands and let the plate catch the ash. Use whenever you want to practice your spirituality or enhance your mood.

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