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Ancient Purity Celtic Sea Salt Ancient Purity -250g

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Discover the culinary treasure of Ancient Purity Celtic Sea Salt, hand-harvested and sun-dried from the coasts of France. This exceptional salt boasts high magnesium content and over 70 essential minerals.

Description & Benefits

-Non-irradiated natural Celtic sea salt
-Course in texture with grey colour
-Hand harvested in France
-Sun & wind dried
-Rich in magnesium & over 70 other minerals
-Can help to enhance digestion & alkaline levels
-Aids resistance to infections & bad bacteria
-Can be used to make mineral water
-Free from agro-chemicals & GMOs
-Free of additives & artificial preservatives
-Suitable for vegans & strict vegetarians

It's been reported that Celtic Sea Salt is incredibly beneficial for your health and can help with the following:

-Provide electrolyte balance.
-Eliminate mucus buildup.
-Build immunity.
-Support restful sleep.
-Alkalise the body.
-Improve brain function.
-Balance blood sugars.
-Increase energy.

Trace elements are found in minute quantities in seawater and in natural unrefined sea salt but are often absent in food. It’s the Real, Grey, Course Salt that should be the only choice for a Salt. Celtic Sea Salt selected by us is Raw Untouched, Moist, Magnesium Rich, and Living Salt.

Sourced from the northwest coast of France, where it is harvested after seawater evaporates from clay ponds near the shoreline.

Live minerals and trace elements provide natural grey Celtic Sea Salt with its less salty flavour and health benefits, such as enhanced digestion, resistance to infections and bad bacteria and increased alkaline levels. Simply replace your table or standard salt and enjoy.

This is also the only Salt to do a Salt Water Flush with and the only Salt that works for the Hydration Hack.


Celtic Sea Salt (100% Natural Raw). 33% Sodium, 50.9% Chloride, 1.8% Minerals, Trace Elements and 14.3% moisture.

Produced to ecological standards, free from agro-chemicals. Non-irradiated and GMO-free.


-Ancient Purity Celtic Sea Salt can be put on food, used to cook with.
-Make your own Mineral Water with it.
-Use on face for a face scrub.
-Apply to hair.

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