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Amethyst Gem Essence Point Water Bottle

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Immerse yourself in the calming and healing energies of amethyst with our Amethyst Gem Essence Point Water Bottle. This elegantly crafted bottle is designed to infuse your water with the vibrational essence of amethyst, promoting tranquility, balance, and clarity with every sip.

Experience the soothing and healing benefits of amethyst every day with our Amethyst Gem Essence Point Water Bottle. Perfect for home, work, or on-the-go, this bottle makes a thoughtful and unique gift for yourself or a loved one. Elevate your hydration and embrace the positive energies of amethyst.

Description & Benefits

Water is the ideal way to absorb crystal energies into your body.
These attractive glass bottles can hold 500ml of water, and the bottom can be detached for easy cleaning between uses.

Drink Gemwater Every Day, Anywhere You Go - Our crystal bottle vibrationally charges your water with gemstone energy!

Combine Beauty and Function - Our beautifully crafted bottles are made from high-density borosilicate glass, ensuring durability and elegance.

Real Crystals - Avoid fake crystals made from dangerous and vibrationally dull resins, glasses, and plastics. Enjoy the pure, natural energy of genuine gemstones.

Makes the Perfect Gift - Ideal for the crystal healing enthusiast in your life. Each set includes one bottle, a complete set of gemstones, and a protective neoprene sleeve, allowing your friends to experience pure energy right out of the box.


Food grade stainless steel upper cover, high quality lead and BPA-free borosilicate glass body, corrosion resistance.



-BPA free
-Glass Bottle
-Stainless steel lid and detachable bottom
-Includes black cooling sleeve
-Genuine gemstone.
-Hand wash only

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