ADHD and CBD - will it help?

Are you neuro-spicy?

You probably need methylphenidate, Ritalin, or Concerta. - Stimulants that help manage the symptoms of ADHD.
But it's not as simple as "take this pill, and now you're neurotypical", it goes deeper than that.
Being neuro-divergent can reflect in many ways, from hyperactivity and impulsivity to anxiety and burnout. The prescribed medication on its own can cause heart palpitations, reduced appetite, dry mouth and digestive issues.
It's tough, as some of those symptoms are conditions on their own.
That's where CBD comes in. While it cannot cure your ADHD, there is supporting evidence that it could help manage some unpleasant symptoms that your unique brain gives you.

CBD has been shown to assist with the following:

  • Offset Anxiety and Depression - Because you don't make your dopamine the way neurotypical people so, anxiety is likely.
  • Reduce the symptoms of PTSD - Which could have come from your impulsivity, lack of object permanence and trusting nature.
  • Help treat substance abuse - If you have developed an unhealthy coping mechanism.
  • Improve your appetite - Because your other meds may cause weight loss
  • Improve your sleep - One of the most common complaints among people with ADHD is sleep disturbances, and Hyperfocus can rob you of precious zzz's

What about children?

CBD is safe for children and can be a more natural alternative to the hash schedule 6 medications often prescribed for this condition. We always suggest starting your kids on small doses of CBD to manage the symptoms and improve their quality of life before moving on to one of the medicines mentioned above to cope with the demands of growing up.

In conclusion:

More research is needed to assess the validity of using CBD exclusively as a treatment for ADHD, but it is invaluable in supporting some of the symptoms.
Would you like to try CBD for your spicy brain? We recommend you having a look at these options: 

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