7 Ways to stick to your New Year's Resolutions in 2023

7 Ways to stick to your New Year's Resolutions in 2023

1.Make it public.

There is a reason why so many people post about their weight loss journeys. It's not really about the likes; it's about holding yourself accountable and having tangible evidence of your progress. Another reason to make it public is that your support system is well aware of your goals, and they can try to help you along the way, minimise sugar and carb exposure, and maximise healthy activities. Harness the power of social pressure and use it to your advantage for once because people are going to judge you anyway!

2.Be SMART about it and make it a habit.

Set Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic goals and set a time limit to each goal. Here's an example:
"I will work out for 45 minutes 3 times a week on my way home starting today."

3.Start journaling

Some people write down their feelings, but you can write down your food. Measuring your food intake can make you realise how much you consume each day and help you identify patterns of binge/ emotional eating so that you can be more aware and maybe intervene the next time you see the pattern again. Speaking about writing things down, make sure you go grocery shopping AFTER a meal and WITH a list.

4.Don't let setbacks ruin your good days.

So many people will stop going to the gym because they broke down and smashed a Cadbury slab. But one failure doesn't have to domino. If you slip up, get back on course and keep count of your wins. If you get sick, for example, and don't feel up to gyming, don't let that be an excuse to overeat fast food. Learn to truly and sincerely forgive yourself and make amends to yourself.

5.Do activities that you actually like doing.

Working out should make you feel happy. It’s time only for yourself, and you should look forward to it. If you don't like going for walks in the park with Karen, go down to the gym and listen to music on the rowing machine instead. But don't say no to Karen if you haven't even tried yet! Make it enrich your life. Keep trying different exercises till you find ones you like. You may be an undercover Yogi; maybe you're next mission will be Comrades? What if you are just really, really good at paintball?

6.Prioritize your mental health.

That does not mean avoiding exercise because you're feeling sensitive. It means getting enough sleep and removing toxic things and people from your life to maintain your body stress-free. It means filling your body with nutritionally dense food and avoiding quick fixes. If you cherish your mental health, your physical health will flourish.

7.Teeny weeny baby steps

If weight loss is your goal this YEAR, then starting to build positive habits is your goal this WEEK. Say no to a chocolate bar today. Walk instead of driving to your friend's house on Friday. Park further away from the office to squish a few extra steps in. Get a weight loss supplement to give you more energy.
Thanks for reading. It's my New Year's Resolution to write more- so expect to see more of me in blogs to come!
Let me know what's eating at your brain about your new year's resolutions in the comments. If you'd like advice on products for your SPECIFIC problem, please comment, and I will happily advise you on something tailored to your needs to support your goals this year.
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