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Split Gill Tincture 30ml

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This tough little mushroom can also induce the production of LAK cells  - Lymphokine-activated killer cells are white blood cells that mediate the identification and destruction of cancer cells.

Description & Benefits

-This mushroom has traditionally been used to treat general weakness, debility, gynecological diseases, leukorrhea, cancers, and more.

-Has been proven to increase cellular immunity by restoring suppressed killer cell activity.

-It can provide protective effects against many different infections and even activate macrophages which results in augmentation of T cell which is the most important mediator of systemic immunomodulation.

-Schizophyllan (found in Split Gill) has shown antitumor activity against both solid and ascitic forms of sarcomas and carcinomas. This amazing compound can reduce tumor growth by increasing lymphocytic infiltration, cytotoxic T cells, and NK cell creation.

-Split gill fungi are also great as an adjuvant for chemotherapy patients as schizophyllan can inhibit chromosomal damage caused by chemo and radiation.


-Schizophyllum commune
-Wild harvested split gill ± 10 000mg
-86 proof grain alcohol.


15 - 30 drops daily

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