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Green Square CBD Capsules 600mg

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Find relief from anxiety, chronic pain and inflammatory conditions with a daily dose of our Green Square highly concentrated CBD Capsules. 


Description & Benefits

CBD is also known to assist, ease, and treat the following:

-Certain Epilepsy Syndromes
-Unmanageable Pain
-Diabetes and its comorbidities
-Protect Against Neurological Disease
-Arthritis Symptoms
-May alleviate certain cancer-related symptoms
-May benefit heart health and regulate heart rhythm
-Anxiety, depression, and mood swings
-Improving focus and mental clarity
-Improving symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Won’t experience fatigue the next morning
Is Non-psychoactive
Is THC-free


480mg Caprylic triglycerides powder, 20mg cannabidiol (CBD) per capsule.


1 capsule daily = 20mg

CBD Oil for dogs & cats

From easing anxiety to many forms of pain, CBD is proving to be more and more popular as a treatment for our furry pets.