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Dream Catcher - Good Vibes

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Elevate your surroundings with our Dream Catcher Good Vibes featuring Pink and Blue Feathers. This enchanting piece not only adds a touch of boho chic to your space but also serves as a symbolic talisman for positive energy.

Description & Benefits

Step into a realm of positive energy and aesthetic charm with our Dream Catcher Good Vibes, adorned with Pink and Blue Feathers. This intricately designed dream catcher is more than just a decorative accent; it encapsulates ancient symbolism and contemporary style.

The circular frame of the Dream Catcher represents the eternal circle of life, while the detailed web within is believed to filter out negative dreams, allowing only positive vibes to flow through. The delicate pink and blue feathers add a whimsical touch, symbolizing the soothing essence of dreamlike hues.

Hang this Dream Catcher in your bedroom, meditation space, or any area where you desire a burst of positivity. The carefully chosen feathers complement each other, creating a harmonious blend of colors that is both visually appealing and spiritually significant.

The inclusion of the words "Good Vibes" amplifies the intention behind this Dream Catcher. It serves as a daily reminder to attract and embrace positive energy, fostering an environment of optimism and well-being.

Whether you're drawn to its symbolic meaning or captivated by its aesthetic allure, the Dream Catcher Good Vibes with Pink and Blue Feathers makes for a delightful addition to any space. Embrace the boho-chic vibe and infuse your surroundings with the enchanting spirit of positivity.


All of these are made by women in India.

Diameter 6.5cm ,with Feathers hanging +- 20cm


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